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Very cool, many ways to actually attack, defend and protect. Love it

Thank you! I'm working on a new version, it's going to become even more diverse.


Application folder:


There should be 'SiegeUp_Data'

folder next to the executable

it says this when i try to open up what should ı do

ok ı solved it sorry for bothering you

I have played the android version and I really loved this game I completed the full game in single-player it's an amazing game

Thank you!


u still working on ur game?

Yes, sure. Last update was around 1 month ago :)
I'm not making updates to often because each release requires about 1 week of testing, so, usually updates are coming every 2 months.


its pretty good game!

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Thank you! :)


Is this game open source?

Hi! No, it's not, sorry :) Here is my github - 
I was making open source libraries and game engines for C and C++ as hobby projects in addition to the full-time job.
Now I have left the job to finish up the game, now trying to become an independent developer.

That is brave

Ahah, thanks. Alas, I was unlucky to get rejected a startup visa in Japan and now looking for work to get working visa. However, financially I could keep development. So, maybe another time ... :)

Nice Game, i like it. But one thing is very disturbing, that the arrow button for Scrolling are very laggy.

Thank you for the feedback! There actually many problems with the PC version right now. I'm going to improve controls and graphics before release on Steam. Right now PC version if just proof of concept stage :)

Could you switch the arrow keys to WASD or add a way to rebind keys. Great game btw

I'm going to make full-fledged controls configuration and it will be possible to switch between grid layout and each building key configuration. 

do you guys have discord

It's in description :)
Feel free to join 

how can i change resolution?

There are no graphics settings for PC yet, sorry. I'll add them later. Do you want to lower the resolution or to increase it?

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i want to lower it and you should make audio setting

Good Game. I ended up installing it to try it out on a budget-builded laptop (for a youtube video) and it ended up playing around 30FPS at MAX Performance for an old cpu (A4-6210).

There is a few bugs like it refuses to attack walls on this one level. Sometimes the archers would just not attack troops and both troops would just walk pass each other. 

Never the less, this is really good. It reminds me of Hearts of Iron 4 but more simpler. I hope you continue developing on this project and expand it. 

Thank you for the feedback! Glad that you liked the game :) I'm preparing a bug-fix update coming soon.
What do you mean "it refuses to attack walls" you mean catapult? Because in SiegeUp! only catapults are capable of attacking walls :)

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ah that would make sense because I didn't have any access to catapults so I was confused how I was suppose to attack so I used archers to attack over the walls.

Edit: While we are in the topic of bug fixing. I did encounter another weird one where the bow of a ship can somehow fire across an entire map or long distances. The ship would lock onto someone and you move the ship and it continue to attack it. I can make a video next time if I encounter it.  


Actually this is explained in the second mission. But because of broken campaign this may lead to a confusion. I'm now dedicated to fix all the campaign bugs till the end of the week.
Yeah, I'm aware of this bug. I have fixed it yesterday, so, in the coming update it should be okay ) 

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It's a neat little game but I've encountered so many bugs!

I had just began to play the tutorial and after building the barracks I reached a situation where I didn't know what to do next:

Barracks bug 1

So I restarted the tutorial and tried again. Then I was stuck at the barracks again, but in a slightly different situation:

Barracks Bug 2

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So I just skipped the tutorial and continued to play the rest of the campaign. The 2nd actual mission called "First Siege" ended with a victory after my catapults had just killed the very first enemy (ballista) tower. All other enemy units were still alive.

It's a pretty neat game aside from all the scripted campaign bugs though. :)


Thank you for testing! I'm sorry, the campaign doesn't really work now. I had to mention this in the description. I was concentrated on multiplayer for half a year, after tons of refactoring the campaign has degraded and currently all the scripted levels don't work. 
I recommend you to play custom levels from "Community" and standard levels from "New game". Also you can try multiplayer in "Community" -> "PvP" tab. Right at this moment I'm fixing tutorial and campaign. I have a list of bugfixing tasks that I'm going to finish in couple weeks.
Sorry again, will do my best to fix all the problems as soon as I can.

Ah thanks! I have been so fixated on the gameplay videos and screenshots that I didn't even bother to read the description haha. My bad. Thanks for the heads up!


No, no, it's my bad ) I have add that line after you reported the problems. Thank you.
Glad to know that you liked the visuals in the game :) I'm actually worried it's not decent enough yet. Going to improve it before release on steam.


This is a 1v1 game with commentary if you would like to see what the experience is like to play the game.

Play this Game on my Tablet and it is pretty good! I recommend it! For some gameplay video Look at this

The video is very outdated :)

U r right. I have to make some New gameplqy Video when Multiplayer-Modus comes in regular version (: